the starfish card

Who doesn’t wonder at the sight of Starfish?  This stunningly beautiful sea creature that look like they fell from the Heaven’s.  Decorating tide pools with their incredible bony bodies, all colored from an unlimited pallette...  We offset printed 3 playful colors onto a “sand” colored (80 lb./12 point) cardstock.  Then, we used a deep etched copper letterpress printing die to letterpress print and deboss the outlines and details of these magnificent creatures bodies.  It gives the illusion of the starfish actually being sunk into the sand colored paper.  So detailed is our copper printing/debossing die, that when you open the card you can see the underside of the starfish in great detail.  It’s as if you are actually holding them in your hand and looking at their wondrous bellies.  We include square flap ‘Sea Foam Green” A-2 envelopes.  So realistic is our Starfish Art Card we don’t want you to be surprised if you smell the ocean air upon opening these.





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