the moon card

The “Wise Old” moon, our benevolent night watchman for eons.  A peaceful presence in all our lives.  Lighting the night, swooning lovers, and fueling poets and dreamers...  We represent his age old wisdom with debossed black foil “crags” upon his face of satin silver foil.  Laid against a midnight blue, semi-metallic heavy (105 lb./15 point) cardstock, with satin gold stars that are heavily debossed, giving the stars the illusion of being far in the distance.  We have hand-tipped and glued a sheet of “moonstone blue” (a  silvery gray cardstock with just a slight hint of blue) into the interior of this art card enabling you to write your message and giving this art card that special “hand crafted” feel.  We include square flap, semi-metallic “Snow Willow” A-2 envelopes that set the mood to reveal the special card within it’s hold.  So impressive is this art card that your friends may find the urge to frame this beautiful piece.





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Warren Letterpress:

We are makers of beauty.